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Join us at the European Space Agency’s first ever Space2Connect conference taking place between 11 to 14 October 2021. This virtual event will be streamed from ESA ESTEC in Noordwijk in the Netherlands, and we invite you to participate!

Space2Connect is a place to explore and discuss emerging space-based solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy. Giving an outline across the whole satcom upstream and downstream business value chain, we aim to foster partnerships and inspire new strategies for technology development and market growth.

The conference consists of both plenary and parallel sessions with virtual networking opportunities. The opening plenary sessions are where manufacturers, satellite operators, space agencies, small companies, entrepreneurs, technical experts and investors are encouraged to quiz executive-level guests who deliver keynote speeches.

During parallel sessions at Space2Connect we will continue to exchange ideas, share plans, develop relationships, and seek inspiration to thrive in the new space age. You will be able to choose from a wide range of topics showing the latest developments in advanced technology, products and services for satellite communications, discuss the role of space in rail and maritime transport, explore how space-enabled 5G/6G connectivity is transforming society, and much more!

Join our conference to become one of the binding elements between today’s challenges and future chances!
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Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at ESA, says: "I am proud to participate in the first ever 'Space2Connect' conference. In our interconnected world, data is like electricity and connectivity is like its distribution network. It’s all about getting the data to everyone, everywhere and all the time. We are working with institutions,  entrepreneurs and innovators in the European space industry to boost innovation and competitiveness, and support them in developing societal solutions for improving life on Earth."

- Elodie Viau


Keynote sessions will address, among other topics:

  • Innovative and Resilient connectivity
  • Future Market Opportunities
  • Cloud Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy

Please check the online program for the full list of unique and inspiring keynotes!

ESA Satcom Final Presentation Days

Final Presentation Days is an annual ESA event for European and Canadian industry and ESA technical experts to showcase the latest developments in advanced technology and products for satcom. It represents a unique opportunity to gain an overview of all the recently completed activities and the achievements made within the ESA ARTES Advanced Technology (AT), Competitiveness and Growth (C&G) and Future Preparations (FP) programmes.  Final Presentation Days 2021 event is taking place virtually as part of the first edition of the Space2Connect annual conference, from Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 October 2021, including a diverse range of parallel sessions, presentations of general interest, specialised topics and panel discussions.

Parallel Sessions

A diverse range of parallel sessions provided by industry represents the core of the Final Presentation Days 2021. These sessions aim at providing a concise overview of all the recently completed activities and the achievements made in ARTES AT, C&G and FP programmes. These sessions will be running in parallel from Tuesday 12 October to Thursday 14 October 2021, as part of the four domain-specific virtual rooms: Ground, Payload, Platform, plus System & Future Preparations. In this edition, approximately 130 parallel sessions are planned.

Panel Discussions

Plenary panel discussions will complement the parallel sessions with live interaction among key industry players, addressing the latest technology trends in the satcom domain. This edition includes a total of two panel discussion: Space2Ground and NewSpace2Connect.

ESA Elevator Pitches

Thematic ESA elevator pitches will be broadcast during coffee breaks, providing useful insights on topics linked to the sessions. In this edition, approximately 16 elevator pitches are taking place during coffee breaks of parallel sessions.


In this edition, Space2Connect will be complemented with a virtual exhibition "Exhibit2Connect" and several virtual networking proceedings, where attendees will be offered complementary content and multi-purpose networking.


Exhibit2Connect brings the sense of a virtual exhibition with complementary content provided on-demand, mainly composed of:

  • Industry Elevator Pitches & E-posters: ESA is offering a unique opportunity to any telecom space professional from ESA Member States to provide an overview video and/or a e-poster to take part in a wide catalogue of industry elevator pitches and e-posters, which will be made available on demand to any Space2Connect2021 attendee (professionals and investors) for the duration of the conference.
  • Industry Exhibits & Demos: Industry is invited to provide a video demo/exhibit of an ARTES activity technology, product, system or service and take part in a wide catalogue of industry exhibits and demos. This will be made available on demand to all Space2Connect2021 attendees, including professionals and investors, for the duration of the conference.
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Digital & Green

We are currently experiencing a transition into the Digital & Green economy era, where satellite communications plays a key role in significantly transforming society and economic ecosystems at a fast pace. This session is expected to identify new opportunities within the Digital & Green satcom landscape, including:

  • AI/ML, Cloud & Virtualisation
  • Digital Twins
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Green Value
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Join this amazing session if you are interested in New Space! Our two ESA conferences Space2Connect and Phi Week come together to blend New Space technologies and services. This event features high-level decision-makers from ESA’s Earth Observation programme plus our Telecommunications & Integrated Application directorates, together with ESA’s Director General Josef Achbacher, Paul Verhoef Director of Navigation and and key representatives from industry. This round table session will be discussing key elements of European strategy to develop strong New Space participation across technology for the Space Connectivity programme, Copernicus programme, Destination Earth initiative and others, plus the key role ESA and industry can play in it!

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